In March 2018, the Company stop exploited because physiological deciduous trees. In the first quarter, the company exploited 368.13 tons, reaching 14.16% of the yearly plan (2,600 tons). In this month, the company did not buy the output because the garden rubber outside was not exploited, so in the first quarter, the company bought 247.6 tons.
The Company sold : 120.96 tons, revenue of 4.5 billion VND. In the first quarter, the company sold 498.2 tons, revenue of 17.4 billion VND.
The company closed the list of shareholders to attend the annual meeting of shareholders in 2018 on March 26, Regarding the time for holding the meeting, the company sent the document to the Department of Planning and Investment of Ba Ria - Vung Tau move to May 2018, the specific time the company will announce in the invitation.
The first quarter financial report, the company will proclaim information in accordance with at the true time prescribed.